3 Additional Services That Your Local MOT Centre Can Provide For You

MOT Centre

In order to have and run a car in the United Kingdom, there are certain government rules that need to be followed. You may have bought the car new, but after 3 years there are checks that need to be made to ensure that the car is indeed, roadworthy. These checks are done for our own safety and the safety of other road users.

To make sure that your car is running well and is up to code, you need to put it through a qualified car MOT in St George, so that when finished, it is more than fit to be on British roads. These MOT centres offer a number of services that your car needs.

  1. All the lights on the car must be functioning and even if one of the bulbs is not working, your car will fail the MOT test. Your mechanic will check all lights both externally and internally and check for any illegal modifications regarding bulb strength.
  2. Due to the UK weather, our cars get subjected to a lot of abuse. When it snows, the roads need to be gritted and this rock salt corrodes the underside of the car. Your mechanic will check for small holes or cracks and repair them before they get bigger.
  3. It may be only a small crack on your windscreen, but it may be enough to fail the test. Your MOT mechanic will check it along with the side windows and rear windscreen. A weakened windscreen can affect the integrity of the roof and thus the safety of the whole car.

To make sure that your car is indeed safe to drive, call into your local MOT garage and get it checked out.













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