5 Common Reasons Why Car Insurance Claim Can Get Rejected

Car Insurance

We all know about the car insurance policies, but the idea to fill the car insurance claim seems to be problematic and difficult for some people. Rather it can be a bit tricky, and you can go wrong while choosing the best insurance cover for your motor vehicle.

Thus it is very important while you are filling the insurance claim quickly; you should not rush and make the mistakes with the car insurance claim process. Several reputed insurance providers have simple and hassle-free claim filling process online where the insurance buyer has to log on to the website of the company, fill the insurance claim form with the policy number along with other personal details and submit.

However, you must remember that a slight mistake you do in the insurance claim can lead to rejection of the form. So, if you want to file a compelling insurance policy without rejection, here are some of the ways to follow-

  1. Running Away From the Spot of the Accident

Most of the people get panicked when the accident occurs and make a mistake to run away from the site. But, as per rule, you should not move your and the party’s vehicle from the accident spot. However, if you want to avoid the public aggression, please rush to the nearby police station and report about the accident.

  1. Not Informing the Police

In some of the situations, the other party will arrive at the accident spot for the mutual settlement and try not to involve the police in the case. Though it may seem like a good idea, you should do this. Not only it is illegal but filling the FIR is one of the most important documents when you need to file the insurance claim. So, after the accident, you must inform the police.

  1. Having a Panic Attack or Being Stressed

It is quite natural to get panicked or stressed under these circumstances and end up acting in an angry and desperate mode. On the contrary, it is very important to stay calm and less stressed when you face the accident.

  1. Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol

Everyone knows the harm of drunk driving. You must be sure that you should not drive the car while you are drunk. It is considered as illegal driving, malpractice and even not adhering to the traffic rules. Drunk driving is one of the common causes of car insurance claim rejection. These actions may cost you to fight against for your rights if you file for the third party insurance.

  1. Skipping the Most Accident Formalities

Skipping the post-accidental formalities or any time limit exceed within which the claim is to be made can cause the rejection of the insurance policy. So, be sure that you have gathered all the important documents and make a convincing claim.

Choosing the wrong insurance policy can cause lots of problems. So, when you are thinking to buy the car insurance policy, be sure to consult with the insurance provider who has experience and knowledge in this field. Apart from having the insurance claim, it is very important to choose a particular place where you can store or keep your car. You can choose the storage units for better storage of the vehicle. For instance, the storage units in Atlanta are of great importance in keeping belongings.


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