Another Ace of Sustainable Solutions


Scania unveils new alternative fuel option for Euro 6 and the new truck generation. According to the Product Director of Scania Trucks, Henrik Eng, another ace of sustainable solutions have been added to this new engine, which happens to be the most diverse in the industry of commercial vehicles.

The new bioethanol engine comes with 2,150 Nm which is equivalent to its diesel counterpart; on top of that, the fuel consumption is on par along a conventional diesel engine. The Scania’s 13-litre inline six engine built its foundation on it. The new bioethanol engine uses a compression ignition that is just like the conventional diesel that reduces hardware modifications. The important upgrades that these engines went through are similar to the fuel injection system and as well the modification of cylinders in order to increase compression.

The new bioethanol engine can be easily produced locally in a lot of countries and they are the most readily available renewable fuel globally. Ethanol operates on ED95, a grade that combines 5% lubricants and ignition improver. The new bioethanol engineimpacts NOx positively and particulate emissions in addition to reducing the emissions of CO2 up to 90%.

The new bioethanol engine can be used for various applications and will perform very well in long-distance tractors and construction tippers. The market, application or industry do not matter, Scania will provide at least an extra economically-viable sustainable solution.

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