Biggest Problems Crippling the Indian Trucking Industry

Indian Trucking Industry

The Indian trucking industry accounts for approximately 14% of the country’s GDP, estimated to be US$9,054 Million in 2018. With such staggering numbers, it seems hard to believe that this industry is still crippled by a host of problems, ranging from lack of organization, to operational flaws, to even regulatory gaps. But the reality is that the Indian trucking industry is plagued by these issues, and more. Let’s take a look at the prevalent roadblocks that being faced by this industry.

Improper Roadways

With such a vast network of roads and highways in the country, one would think navigation would be a breeze. But that is far from the truth. The routes that trucks frequent are shabbily maintained, which makes transportation a far more difficult endeavor. On top of that, the conditions of the roads make driving a dangerous activity, leading to a number of accidents on a regular basis. Because of poor driving practices as well, the trucking industry is facing a challenge while the trucks are in transit.

Lack of Appropriate Vehicle Maintenance

Whether it is due to cost cutting, or sheer ignorance, over usage of trucks without regular servicing is a common practice followed in this industry. This puts the cargo, and the life of the passengers, at risk since the truck is prone to frequent breakdowns or can fall prey to an accident. The industry is forced to run its business with rickety vehicles, leading to a poor fleet condition overall.

Absence of Public Convenience Points

Proper sanitation is a major issue that is being faced by the trucking industry in our country. Because of negligence by the concerned authorities, the transportation industry has no option but to resort to unhygienic means to compensate for the absence of public convenience points.

Trouble With Officials

Because of rampant corruption and abuse of authority a familiar occurrence in India, the Indian trucking industry has another challenge added to its existing woes. The truck drivers are subject to random stoppages, apart from the existing checkpoints. And when they are stopped, they are left to their own devices while dealing with the authorities, which almost always ends in bribing.

These are a few of the many issues that are faced by the Indian trucking industry. The industry is also under constant fear of freight being susceptible to theft, and lack of technology in this sphere. BabaTrucks looks to make the life of truck drivers, and fleet owners, simple and efficient, in a bid to propel the trucking industry forward and beyond these roadblocks.

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