FAQs in Owning a Car


It is important customers to be smart enough no matter what they buy new or used cars in Montclair for instance. The only way to be this is to be informed. The following are some of the frequently asked questions in a car buying process.

To buy or to lease?

When you see a brand-new or even a used car you often have to ask yourself if you will buy it or lease it.Leasing a car will mean you have a lower monthly payment. The lease term usually lasts for 36 months and in the end you won’t own anything. Leasing is for you when you want to always drive a car that is still under factory warranty leasing is good idea. If you like to drive a car that won’t require you to pay for a couple of months then purchasing is for you. It is also necessary when you have to drive more than 15,000 miles in a year. It may also be necessary for you to check on the tax benefits for purchasing or leasing a car when used for business purposes.

Price fluctuations

Pre-owned vehicles have prices that usually fluctuate. During summer, cars that are intended for dry roads are more expensive than when it’s winter. This is because there is a higher demand during warm months. If you plan to buy a sports car soon, do it during winter.

Car Mileage Estimates

The car mileage ratings that you can find on the car’s original window sticker are only estimates. This was done because car manufacturers have to abide by the federal guidelines that new vehicles have to be tested. These tests are conducted in laboratory settings. A dynamometer is used in the process. This is a machine used for simulating driving conditions that cars usually encounter. City and highway tests are accomplished in a controlled temperature setting with the car’s air conditioning system turned off. Those who are driving in cold-climate areas may expect gas mileage to be low. According to fuel economy tests, a gasoline car’s mileage is lower by 12 percent in a 22 degree Fahrenheit environment compared to that 77 degree Fahrenheit weather.

Certified Used or Preowned Cars

When a used car is certified, it means that it went through an inspection by a qualified technician. After the unit went through inspection, it is issued with an extended warranty which is backed by the manufacturer. Majority of the certified pre-owned vehicles are low in mileage. They are around three to four years old and they possess no damages.

How to Determine a Flooded Car

One thing you must do is to inspect the trunk area for any musty smell or debris. Check the instrument gauges if it is moist and make sure that they all work.


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