Give your Car a Gift with a Monthly Detailing

Monthly Detailing 1

Your car has to endure all weathers, as it transports you around the country, and it doesn’t take long to become dirty and tarnished, especially in the winter. If you book your car in at the best car valeting services in Plymouth for a monthly detail, your set of wheels will always look good, and will be a pleasure to drive.

Typical Car Valeting Service

A monthly valeting service would include all of the following:

  • Snowfoam Presoak – This removes all traces of dirt and grime from the paintwork.
  • Power Wash & Hand Dried
  • Acid-Free Wheel Clean
  • Windows Cleaned – Interior & Exterior
  • Interior Vacuumed – Upholstery Polished

The experts know how to make a car look good, and with a monthly booking, the interior and exterior will always impress, and should you have a special occasion, book the car in the day before for a special detail.

VIP Service

The car valet service would likely offer a very special car valet package, for those very special occasions, and that would include a wash and wax polish, with a protective sealant applied that keeps the paintwork looking like new. The interior upholstery is deep cleaned and scented to give you an amazing experience, and with every detail cleaned and polished, your car is fit for a wedding procession.

If you would like to treat your car every now and then, book it in for a monthly valet treatment as a way of saying thank you for the reliable motoring you enjoy, and you will always be driving a clean car.

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