How to get a car rental at the cheapest possible price

car rental at the cheapest possible price

The rental car is one of the most used resources by tourists during their vacations, since having a vehicle in our destination gives greater freedom of movement and independence with respect to organized excursions. But when it comes to resorting to a rental car you should make los angeles car rental  a few price comparisons, and take into account a series of recommendations to avoid having to pay click here for info more than necessary.

Keys to achieve the best possible price

When renting a car, the rate varies depending on multiple factors such as the supplier company, the city, the car model, the dates and the number of days. But, in addition, there are other important elements to consider that can substantially increase the final rental price.

  • The extras of the vehicle: some special services, such as adding an additional driver or incorporating GPS or baby seats, usually suppose an additional cost over the final price.
  • . Pick-up and return points: most companies allow the vehicle to be returned to an office other than the pick-up point, although it may incur an additional charge. It is important to look at other possible surcharges for return in hotel, airport or transport station.
  • . Distance traveled: usually there is no mileage limit. However, many companies allow renting with a limit of daily kilometers in exchange for a lower price but which, in case of exceeding this limit, would entail an additional cost.
  • Profile of the main driver: practically all the companies usually penalize in the price to the conductors that have less than 25 years and more than 70 years. The same happens with the experience at the wheel. If the driving license is less than two years old, the rent can be considerably increased.
  • . Fuel Policy: As a general rule, the vehicle must be returned with the same amount of fuel with which it was collected. If this requirement is not met, companies can charge the remaining amount (at a price higher than the market) and even a supplement for refueling management

Tips for renting a car

Take your time

Before renting a car you should inform yourself well about the options offered by several companies and contrast them with the needs you have. Contact the rental agency of your choice when you have defined your budget and check that everything is correct.

Do not leave it for the last moment

The sooner the better: as with airline tickets or travel offers, the best deals are the first to end. In very touristy places and in high season it is even common for stocks to end up.


Make sure that both your driver’s license and your identity documents are valid (that are not expired), and inquire especially about the need to pay by debit card or other company requirements (such as your age).

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