How To Sell Your Accident Car in Melbourne


The car may be wrecked; and, if your insurance company wrote off the car and left it in your possession, you can get a little extra cash for car. Car removal companies in Melbourne like Pro Car Removal buy accident cars.
When selling an accident car, typically the car is totalled. However, that doesn’t mean that there is no cash value for the car. The car will have plenty of parts under the hood that may be able to be pulled and reconditioned, and has a scrap metal value. Pro Car Removal pulls parts and recycles cars, so our customers get top prices for their cars.

Pro Car Removal will make you an upfront quote for your car based on the following information:

  • The make & model of the car
  • The year and odometer reading of the car

All the particulars about its condition, such as great condition tyres with a totaled body or damaged engine. We also need to know if the car had any issues at the time of the accident or if there were any modifications to the car.

Once the information for your car is provided to our appraiser, we will make you a quote, and the buying process will work like this:

1. Contact us over the phone or online for an instant cash quote for your accident car.
2. Accept or reject our cash offer; or, if you would like to contact a few other removal companies for a quote, feel free to do so.
3. Schedule a free car removal anywhere in Melbourne. Our car removals are quick and convenient, and provided at times good for our customers.

When our technician arrives to buy the car, he will arrive with all paperwork and the cash offer we quoted, ready to put into your hand. We will ask that you have the title or registration for the car at the time our technician arrives. Also, please have the plates for the car removed and it parked in an area that allows our driver access to the car with his tow truck.

For a quick quote for your accident car, contact Pro Car Removal today. We make offers for any make and condition of car over the phone and online. Call us at 0420 474 829.

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