How to Survive a Roadside Breakdown


Picture the scene if you will, drizzling rain and freezing temperatures, while you are all warm and cosy in your car, heading who knows where, when suddenly, the car stops working! This normally occurs when you have a million and one things to do, and it can get worse, especially if your car is blocking traffic and your smartphone battery chooses this moment to run out of steam!

Helpful People

There are usually good Samaritans nearby who will lend a hand in any way they can, but with your best suit on, and a limited number of tools, there’s little you can do. Yet, you still have to get to where you need to be, and none of this is fixing the car, with the clock ticking away. Take a deep breath, Google “affordable auto breakdown services Chesterand you’ll have an emergency roadside breakdown specialist’s number flashing on your screen.

Seek Out a Safe Haven

If you’re lucky, there will be a coffee shop nearby, if not, don’t go too far away from the vehicle, as the mobile mechanic won’t take long to arrive, and one he’s taken a look, you will know whether it can be fixed on the roadside or has to be taken to the workshop. You could,

  • Admire the scenery
  • Take refuge in a pub
  • Find lunch

Whatever the outcome, the world keeps turning, and with a positive outlook, your hectic lifestyle will soon be back on track.




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