In-Depth Information about Car Wreckers


Most people are often confused about the kind of services that car wrecking companies offer. Contrary to popular belief, car wreckers do not spend most of their day wrecking cars and smashing them into each other. However, the services offered by car wreckers are actually quite useful and are used by customers around the city. There are a number of companies that offer wrecking services throughout Perth so you can just look for one that’s situated close to your place.

What Happens at a Salvage Station?

Most car wrecking companies have their own salvage station. The salvage station is where cars are stripped down and their parts are removed. If you have an older car parked outside that is in no condition to be driven, you can call a wrecking company to have it taken off your hands. Or, if you were recently involved in a serious accident and your car was damaged beyond repair, you can also call a wrecking company and they will tow it to their salvage station. At the salvage station, your car will be stripped down completely and all the components inside will be removed one by one.

Perth 4×4 wreckers generally deal in 4×4 vehicles that are used for off-roading as well as city driving. Due to the fact that 4×4 vehicles usually contain many additional parts, these companies have to make sure that they sort everything out. When a damaged or totalled 4×4 vehicle arrives at the salvage station, it is stripped down completely and then all working parts are removed.

What Services Do Wrecking Companies Offer?

Wrecking companies provide a number of services to customers from all over the city. If you have an older vehicle and can’t find spare parts for it at the local store, you might want to consider checking out a local wrecking station. Many wrecking stations also have websites where they regularly update the database with new parts. You can just search on their website or call on the provided number to find out information about whether they have the spare parts that you are looking for or not.

Apart from selling spare parts for different vehicles, these companies also provide several other services. In case of a serious accident, you can call a car wrecking company to the location of the accident and have them remove the debris from the road. If your car is not in a drivable condition anymore, you can also ask the company to tow the vehicle for you to the nearest workshop. Or you can just sell off your totalled vehicle to the wrecking company for a quoted price and they will handle the pickup and the towing.

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