Is Carbon Clogging Your Engine?

Carbon Clogging

Any deposits that form in the engine are a bad thing. As deposits impair engine performance, you must take measures to prevent them. If you want to ensure your car’s performance, make sure that you take care of deposits.

Types of Engine Deposits

An expert engine carbon cleaning in Barry is in order if you want to retain the value of your car. You need to check the other parts of your car’s engine that may be affected as well. These areas include the following:

  • The intake valves. Deposits on the intake valves restrict airflow through the ports and therefore cause a car to lose power. These kinds of deposits can also temporarily absorb the spray of fuel from the injectors. When this happens, performance is compromised. The same deposits may also lead to sticking or burning valves. If the valve seals are worn, normal combustion by-products accumulate more rapidly.
  • Combustion chamber deposit interference. This condition happens when carbon is so thick that the accumulation on the head and piston make contact. When this happens, a car may produce a loud metallic sound when the car is started. If the deposits form between the valves, misfires often result.
  • Deposits on the throttle body. These deposits impair air flow through the idle bypass circuitry. Therefore, the idle and rise smoothness are affected. The deposits develop through fuel vapours rising up via the intake manifold.

Take Care of the Matter Now

If you have a problem with carbon deposits, now is the time to do something about it. Have your car’s engine checked, and experience a smoother ride tomorrow.

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