Key things to know about functioning of Mobile Column Lifts


If you want to add any of the mobile column lifts for standard vehicles for your shop, you need to understand the basic patterns of their working and how they can be beneficial if are used in a proper manner. Following are the key things which you shouldn’t have known:


One of the key and the main advantages out of all the advantages is that the columns of the lift are powered with the help of a battery and this way they aren’t locked down. This simply means that they can be shifted and moved anywhere wherever there is a need. If you want a wireless model for that, you won’t need to bother regarding the cords then.

The meaning of this mobility is that the columns could be stored at the side of the main floor shop where an extra portion of the space could be created to be used for extra tasks in the future.  By the time when your business expands and grows, this is the thing of main importance and value and this means that there would be more chances for repairs without even getting involved in a lot of costly options for renovations for increasing the space at the floor shops.  These columns can also be used in outdoor purposes when the weather is good outside. This can be beneficial for the repairs because it simply means that there is no need for the technicians to spend time moving the vehicles through different locations.

   Technicians love them

If you compare this with dedicated bays and with creepers, most of the times the technicians will choose the column lift.  The reason behind the love of technicians to them is that the columns have versatility so that they could be moved easily without being dependent on any type of the electric cords and this is how the technicians are able to work in a much better and an effective way.  Another thing which makes the technicians love these columns is that they are not dependent on battery power. All such kinds of safety gains, as well as the productivity related stuff, aren’t only beneficial for the bottom line of the shop yet it is also favorable for the retention rate. In a market having a competitive environment, for the mechanics, retention, and recruitment is regarded to be the key priority for almost all of the shop owners.


You would see a lot of lift manufacturers, but you need to understand that all those which are available are not equal. Some are so concerned about their products that they test almost every lift before giving it to you while others may not do such testing.  While you are in the phase of selecting lifts, you need to be smart because such investments really matter. For the selection of the best kind of lift, you need to do thorough research and select the quality product which meets all of your requirements.

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