Motorcycle Safety Training Is Important

Motorcycle Safety Training

Knowing how to be safe with motorcycle training is essential for a beginner, just as it is for an experienced rider. Many riders maintain that riding a bike is a lot more satisfying and fun than driving a car, but that still doesn’t mean that safety isn’t important. And of course, being safe extends to every aspect of riding, including your helmet and gear, how you ride and keeping your bike properly maintained. These useful tips can give you a clear picture of how to be safe with motocycle training, especially when riding a bike is statistically more dangerous than driving a car.

Make Sure You Can Handle Your Bike

Buying a modest machine instead of a powerful bike obviously makes more sense if you are new to bike riding, or haven’t ridden a bike for a while. Some of today’s fast and powerful bikes just aren’t suitable for a novice rider, and the overall performance of today’s machines has advanced quickly. When buying a motorcycle, make sure you can easily reach the bike’s controls and handlebars and you should choose a bike that isn’t too tall for you. When sitting on the bike, you should be able to rest both feet flat on the ground.

Antilock Brakes

As a rider you are about 37 percent safer on a bike that has antilock brakes, than on one that doesn’t, according to data put out by IIHS. Crashing, skidding and the risk of a serious injury are more likely if you ride a bike that doesn’t have antilock brakes, and your risks are a lot higher even if you are a skilled and experienced bike rider. In a scenario that might cause you to panic on your bike, antilock brakes help you keep more control of your steering.

Improving Your Skills

Even an experienced rider will get something out of taking a motorcycle training course, and they aren’t just for novice riders. Carrying out emergency evasive maneuvers are just one of the aspects covered on the course, along with riding basics and it’s all just as relevant to someone who has been riding for a while. A discount on your bike insurance is often one of the benefits of taking a motorcycle training course, and completing the training can sometimes get you a credit towards the cost of a new bile. And in some instances you may not be required to take the road test or the written test.


A fatal injury to the head is about 40 percent more likely if you crash your bike and you aren’t wearing a helmet, meaning that injuries to the brain are more likely too. Your helmet is probably the most important part of all your bike gear. London Motorcycle Training can advise you on the importance of a helmet as well as all the other aspects of safe bike riding.

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