Reliable And Comforting 2014 Ford Escape Is The Apple Of The Eye


The news about 2014 Ford Escape is on rounds and has been the apple of the eye for many. The latest 2014 Ford Escape is regarded as a flashy yet reasonably priced compact SUV and has been ranked 6 out of 22 amongst affordable SUV’s this year.

The rankings have been genuinely reviewed and after a proper scanning of review lists and test drives, one can claim it to be a genuine, comfortable and reliable automobile that can be safely driven home. If you have been waiting for an affordable SUV with compact 2 rows with a reasonable crossover, then this is the one you should chose for a test drive and this will not disappoint you.

This dynamically powerful Ford Escape also has a very powerful four-cylinder engine which as per test drivers has been an additional safety boon in several conditions. The test drivers have also said that its EcoBoost delivers that is 2.0-liter provider the SUV with hoard of power whereas, the 1.6-liter EcoBoost engine helps to save fuel and also provides a god powerful feel to the engine.

The automatic transmission which has a standard 6 seed limit is typical on every model. The base up to which Ford Escape moves up to is around 22/31 mpg which is regarded as a good stable one. One remarkable fact about Escape is; it shares its ground with the notable Ford Focus. Also several test drivers have also supported their statements by saying that this small car underpinnings definitely make raises the bar of SUVs and one enjoys the drive right from the start. Other reviewers claim it to have a very agile, safe and comfortable ride.

The interiors of 2014 Ford Escape have been very handsomely festooned and the cabin has been very finely built with high quality material. The rich cargo space provides greater room for the rider with its relaxed and accommodating seats, making it every reviewer’s choice all over. The strong appealing features cannot be missed such as a unique camera backup, the much needed USB port, MyFord system clubbed with Ford’s Sync, which definitely is an advantage for the speaker and helps to connect Smartphone users with best of voice commands.

The steady 2014 Ford Escape comes with an eco friendly potent boost engine, is agile and lively which can be handled well enough and has already been earning genuine reward points for its high performance in the SUV sector.

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