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Chevrolet Cobalt is another great American car. It is known for its affordable prices and great fuel efficiency, which makes it a popular compact car for average individuals like our customers at auto shop Denver.

Car Specifications

Chevrolet Cobalt’s lineup comes in both sedan and coupe body styles. Cobalt has the same Delta front-wheel-drive platform like the other cars produced by GM like the Pontiac G5, Chevrolet HHR, and the Saturn Astra. Whether sedan or coupe, Cobalt has a 2.2 liter, 155 horsepower 1-4 engine, except for Cobalt model SS Turbocharged 2dr Coupe which has 2.0 liter, 260 horsepower 1-4 engine. They also have excellent clutch systems making a repair services Denver unnecessary.

Cobalt stretches to more than 180 inches in length. The coupe type is as high as 55.5 inches while the sedan type is at 57.1 inches. When it comes to width, both types are at 67.9 inches. The wheelbase of Cobalt stretches to 103.3 inches in length and has a 5.3 inches high ground clearance.

Cobalt may have space enough for 5 people, but actually, 5 people packed inside Cobalt would be an uncomfortable fit to some. Thus, many people see Cobalt as a car made for 4 people only. The cargo or luggage capacity of Cobalt is 13.9 cu.ft.

Chevrolet Cobalt has a standard, 5-spd manual overdrive or transmission. It has a maximum towing of 1000 lbs. Lastly, it has a fuel capacity of 13 gallons and has an estimated MPG of 25 CITY/ 35 HWY.

Chevrolet Cobalt’s Features

When it comes to features, Chevrolet Cobalt has many, however, these features you would find are the usual ones you’d find in any other car but some of these features are not as good as the other cars. For example, Chevrolet Cobalt has front and rear airbags, but it doesn’t have a side airbag in some of its models. The only notable unique feature it has is the RPD in the SS Coupe Cobalt model, which can just read the engine’s output data and alter its performance settings.

The Price Of Cobalt

Although discontinued, Chevrolet Cobalt is still found in various car stores. Suggested retail price is at $14, 990, but store prices today would vary from $8,000 to $16,000. When it comes to second hands, the price tag ranges from more than $7,000 to $13,000.

Indeed, cost-wise, Chevrolet Cobalt is one amazing car, however, the fact that it is a discontinued car and that it has almost no notable features unlike most cars today, Chevrolet Cobalt is far from being one of the best cars today. It is rated at 3.5.

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