Repetitive Injuries Truck Drivers Suffer

Truck Drivers

Repetitive injuries that truck drivers often face are many. Among them are meniscus tears, ligament injuries, and bone fractures. Many of them result from falling cargo onto the trucker or repeatedly lifting and carrying heavy boxes. Long periods of sitting and frequent use of the gas pedal are also contributing factors. If left untreated, these injuries can interfere with a trucker’s ability to perform their job. Here are a few common injuries and how they are caused. If you need legal help, make sure to contact a repetitive injury workers’ comp lawyer in Wilkes-Barre, PA.


A number of factors contribute to the fatigue and repetitive injuries truck drivers suffer on the job. Many drivers do not take enough breaks and try to push through, while others are under financial pressure to make commercial deliveries on time. In addition, some drivers work over the legally prescribed twelve hours per day, and some log extra hours to make up for late deliveries. A study published last year revealed that fatigue and repetitive injuries among truck drivers are among the leading causes of accidents in the industry.

Lack of sleep

While trucks account for 6% of vehicle traffic, truck crashes are responsible for 20 percent of road deaths in Israel. Unlike other forms of transportation, truck drivers rarely travel overnight. This leads to long hours behind the wheel and difficulty staying awake. The objective of this study is to identify the individual and occupational predictors of fatigue among truck drivers. In order to achieve this, the study used field interviews of 160 port truck drivers. Questions included drivers’ characteristics, driving conditions, health status, and sleep quality.

Sedentary nature of job

The sedentary nature of the job puts truck drivers at an increased risk of developing back and neck injuries. In addition to sitting for extended periods, truck drivers face numerous hazards, including falling in the cab and experiencing dangerous conditions like low tire pressure. They also risk developing obesity, back pain, and poor eating habits. Accident lawyers can help victims of truck driver injuries. Here are some common injuries they may have to deal with:

Poor diet

A truck driver’s health is of paramount concern, as they spend long hours in the cab and have limited time to eat healthy food. Poor diet also puts truckers at risk for illnesses like diabetes, which can lead to heart disease and stroke. It can also cause low-extremity amputations. However, there is good news. There are many ways to improve your diet and stay healthy while driving a truck.

Long hours

Many repetitive injuries in truck drivers are the result of long hours. Whether trucking cargo or bringing in deliveries, a truck driver’s sedentary lifestyle can lead to back pain. Proper posture, ergonomic seat cushions, and regular stretching can help reduce back pain and discomfort. Driving nonstop for long periods of time places stress on the spine and spinal discs. Degenerative disc disease, which causes degeneration of the spinal discs, is common among truck drivers.

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