Show Time For The Great Old Cars – An Eye Catching Moments


Last Saturday, a show displaying Autos of various makes, models and periods was organized at Barnegat by the Barnegat Chamber of Commerce in a bid to benefit the Barnegat Volunteer Fire Company and First Aid Squad. Cars of the old world, dating back as far as 1929 took part.

While the owners had this as an occasion to converge, share their experiences of the earlier shows and discuss about their cars and the respective superiorities, the public was in great awe, all-praise recalling the special knowledge and techniques adopted by the owners in maintaining such wonderful vehicles road-worthy, for such long periods.

Car owners took special pride in showcasing their vintage cars as a matter of uniqueness.

Cars displayed:

First, it was a 1973 White Corvette car shown by Bob Hare of Barnegat with a joke that Car shows and maintenance keeps them away from the streets.

Then, it was a 1933 Pontiac, presented by Edward J. Roskey and his wife Ruth, again of Barnegat which tied for the first place in Best of Street Rods 1900-1940 show. Ruth Ruskey informed,” We participate in shows everywhere with our cars, have won as many as 140 first place trophies and best in show trophies, all meticulously kept by Edward.” She further added proudly, “Our car is not one towed down as a trailer, but one that is driven with life by us.”

“Spotted in Pennsylvania in a storehouse of farm implements, livestock and grains, this 1933 Pontiac car was completely reconditioned and restored using a 350 horsepower Pontiac engine, yet retaining its old steering wheel. And, the wonder of it is that it has rum 27000 miles till today,” claimed Ruth.

Next in the show was a 1929 Ford, shown by Bill Lindey who said, “This car is not bad despite its age.” A regular participant in car shows, Lindey could not make it to shows for the past four years owing to some health problems in the family, with the result his car was laid up in the garage for about three years. He joyfully remarked, “This is the first show I attend after the break, and I am sending messages to people informing about restoration.”

Last, but not the least, were Bob and Cathy Grant of Tuckerton parading a 1958 Chevy Impala serving people with refreshments, S&H Green stamps and other things from the 50s.

Al Koelsch with his wife Barbara of Barnegat was available at the show, who felt, “I’m as old as the cars. We attend many Auto shows featuring old cars like this and cherish them.”

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