Sometimes, You Don’t Have to Purchase a Whole New Gearbox.

New Gearbox

Having a vehicle on UK roads is expensive to do and when you look at the money that you have to spend even before you put the keys in the ignition, it would take your breath away. It needs to be taxed and insured, and if it is over 3 years old, then it needs an MOT as well. Petrol or diesel needs to go in the fuel tank and then there is the general wear and tear of the vehicle means that repairs need to be done. This amounts to a considerable amount of money every single year. The last thing that you want is a major issue like gearbox trouble, or engine and axle trouble. When these things happen, you need to be able to visit a reputable garage that can deal with the problem.

There are a number of specialist garages that perform auto gearbox repair in Romford and they offer other additional services with relation to gearboxes. Let’s have a look at them here today.

  • They do gearbox fitting where they ensure that your new gearbox is placed in the vehicle correctly. Everything has to be just right and this is a very time-consuming job.
  • Rather than having to buy a whole new gearbox for your vehicle, then can perform gearbox rebuilding. Here they replace or repair parts and then totally rebuild the whole gear system.
  • As well as offering new gearboxes, they also offer reconditioned ones that are as good as new. They will give you a warranty on them to give you the peace of mind that you need.

Whatever, your gearbox needs, these guys have you back and they have you covered. You will be back on the road in no time.

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