Technology Update and Problems of Tesla


In mid-September, some European Tesla (TSLA stock price) compressors were able to charge other manufacturers’ vehicles for free due to a fault. This has led some to wonder why it is not a permanent arrangement and the payment is attached even if there are no technical hurdles. After all, Tesla has one of the largest charging systems in Europe and the USA. It is immoral for Tesla to maintain a dedicated charging system for residential customers, and some even argue that it is hindering the green revolution. However, it is not clear if Tesla wants to open its charging network for the other companies too.

In other words, this is a business model, not a moral argument. However, Tesla may have created the supercharger network for business and not for moral reasons. There’s a theory that the bug that allowed other cars to be loaded in September was actually an accidental launch of a feature in development. The first idea here is that the EU will require multiple Tesla charging stations on different vehicles at each location. But beyond that, as Tesla’s network expands, it becomes an increasingly valuable source of income, and Tesla (like Ionity) charges other brands a very high premium for using their very fast network.

If so, it can be expensive. Beneficial. After all, cars that carry an excessive load of up to 100 kW DC (excluding Tesla) are expensive cars like the Porsche Taikan. The argument that Tesla should open up its supercharger network to other brands is selfish, as it is not a mistake, but could still be due to its profits.

Fully autonomous driving should be able to drive Tesla without this oversight, but Musk believes it can unlock the tremendous value inherent in the company’s car because it is used as a private car around the clock. There’s a chance. As a networked vehicle that can be connected to Robotaxi and micro rental services.

Earnings Growth to make bring Technology Growth

Even today, Tesla has more cash on its balance sheet than ever and is in a rush to make its first annual profit, denying that all-electric vehicle makers are doomed. The main topics these days are discounts on Tesla vehicles, increased carbon sales to boost profitability and the withdrawal of federal loans for electric vehicles that made car purchases cheaper.

Tesla can point to its survival, solid earnings and revenue growth, and huge stock gains in 2020 to prove all the haters wrong. But these victories do not dispel recent criticism. Automakers’ unusual approach to autonomous driving technology is not working. Want to buy the stock of Tesla? You can check its balance sheet at before that.

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