The Process Of Importing Japanese Cars Into Australia

The Process Of Importing Japanese Cars Into Australia

Importing your Japanese car into Australia is not as hard as it seems, and we will go through a couple of steps that you should follow to make the importing process a success. If you are still having trouble understanding how everything works, then someone such as Dazmac International Logistics can help you out with the situation.

The research

Before you start the whole process, you should either do some research yourself or consult with the professionals you are about to hire for the importing before you begin the importing process. It is very important if the car that you want to import is eligible to enter Australia. Today, most of the mainstream manufactured cars from Japan are approved, but it is difficult to import a customized or a modified car.

Since not all cars cost the same, neither does importing them into Australia. There are a couple of policies related to car importing, such as if you are a long-term owner of the car if the car is new or old, and of course, the actual price of the car also has an impact on the importing fee.

Just like the pricing, depending on the car you are importing, the time frame of the whole process is going to differ. Your car will take much shorter to import if you are already owning it for more than a year and if you are importing a non-luxury car. This goes both for the documentation, and the technical checkups.

In case you want to import your car for a racing event, the process is going to be a lot easier

Arranging the transport

Once you have done all the research, you should do the paperwork. First off, start by getting the approval to import a car into Australia so it does not stay at the port once the importing is finished, and second, do not forget to register the vehicle on your name. Even if it is registered on you in Japan, you will have to register it in Australia in order to use it legally.

When it comes to transport, as mentioned earlier Dazmac is a company that you can trust. Your car will be safely transported in a container by water, and there is no need to worry about it getting damaged as the car’s safety is their number one priority. For more information about the transport, and importing a car from Japan into Australia, you can visit

Importing cars by sea is the easiest and the safest way to do it

End of the import process

Once your car safely arrives to Australia, you will still have to wait for a couple of things, which is mainly the process known as quarantine inspection. Here the workers of the Australian government are going to make sure that your car is working according to Australian laws, that it has no illegal customization as well as you are not smuggling any other goods inside of the car, just standard border control issues.

Even if the engineers involved in the checkup might tinker with your car, you should relax because your car is not going to get damaged, but actually, it is going to get fixed and cleaned if something happens to go wrong for no extra charges.

Final Word

Today, you can import your Japanese car into Australia without running into any problems, and in the future, things are going to be even easier as the number of allowed cars is going to be increased, and some policies are going to receive a quality of life change as well.

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