Things to bring in your Prom Limo

Prom Limo

While getting ready for upcoming prom, you are already adding lots of things to your to do list and also have removed a lot already, well you must add few things to get ready for your prom night and make a list of items to bring in your prom limo for your prom night. While you book your ride with Toronto Limousine services you should carry the important items you will be needing while in commute and at the function.

Snacks and Drinks

While you may be offered traditional light appetizers at your prom party but they are not enough for your empty stomach. No doubt some students forget that they must eat because of the dancing, chatting and picture taking but of course everyone needs to eat something to carry on and be active throughout the function. Its always a great idea to have some snacks and drinks for your commute to and from prom, the facility of a refrigerator will keep your drinks chilled so that you can enjoy the cold drinks anytime you want, there is also an option of a mini bar within the car so that you and your friends can have the party inside as well. After hours of party you will have lots of refreshments for yourself and your group to enjoy.


The prom night is once in a life time opportunity and you don’t want to miss it ever with a lame or dull decoration, you can always spice up things with your personal decoration touch. It can be a temporary window paint, pictures, flowers or balloons or some glitter sprays and lots more to be unique and have all the fun with your group. You can also bring the glowing in the dark items for yourself and your group to be prominent and decent altogether at the same time in your prom event.

Emergency Kit

Prom night is always full of surprises and you cannot know what to expect on your prom night, so it is always a great idea to have an emergency kit with you all the time. It can be a wardrobe malfunction, a headache or any minor injury due to the crowd and gathering. This kit may include pain killers, Band Aids, deodorant, safety pin, bobby pin, a needle and thread, some extra cash and makeup items. You cannot avoid any unforeseen event or problem but you can get yourself prepared for it in advance, as this kit will not only help you but also your friends.

Your Personal Playlist

The best thing to enjoy while being in the vehicle is no doubt luxury and the music, it would be best if you become your own dj and don’t have to ask the driver to change the track over and over again. So you can have sorted out your own playlist for your prom night. The songs that must be kept on repeat and are loved by everyone. You can ask your friends to add songs to your playlist so that you can have a mutual selection of songs before the prom night. You must remember that the songs and playlists must be finalized before the event so that you can just sit back and relax for the upcoming event.

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