Tips When Selling your Car


If you are thinking of selling your car and looking for something with a bit more power, there are many websites where you can post details about your car, yet before you do that, here are some tips on how to best present your car to an interested party.

  • Have the Car Detailed – This will likely be enough to get a quick sale, as with most things, presentation is everything, and with a full detail, the car will look like a new pin. If you’re wondering where the nearest place is, there are affordable local car detailing services in Plymouth who will turn your car into a spotlessly clean version, ready for a test drive.
  • Book the Car in for a Service – If you have the car services just prior to putting it on the market, you can show any potential buyer the receipts, which will show that you have taken good care of the car while it has been in your possession.
  • Maximise the Exposure – Rather than posting details on one website, find at least 3 and make identical posts, which will maximise exposure and hopefully, will lead to a quick sale.
  • Point Out the Car’s Strengths – This is an old used car salesman’s trick, which helps to focus the seller on the many strengths, rather than the few weaknesses. If the viewer does point out something that needs attention, mention that this is a minor point, and you could ask for a sale if you carried out the work.

Presenting the vehicle in its best light will improve your chances of a quick sale, and with a good valet before you put it on the market, you should easily find a buyer.

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