Top Audi safety gears introduced by the company

Audi safety gears

Audi has always been the client’s favourite for a long time. Whether it’s about its style, speed, or attractive gears which provide great safety assurance. These gears shift at lightning speed without interrupting traction. With these dynamic moves in hand, Audi presents a new phase in the evolution of transmission systems.

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Let’s look into some attractive safety gears introduced by Audi for smoother rides.

  1. Seven-speed S tronic

Audi’s drive philosophy is entering a new era with the seven-speed S tronic. The new transmission, which was wholly developed by Audi, is aimed at the semi model lines. Audi developed it to be both dynamic and a highly efficient high-tech component.

Audi drivers may use the new seven-speed S tronic transmission in a variety of modes. The D (Drive) and S (Sport) programmes are still available in completely automatic mode, in which the computer determines the gear. The gears can be changed manually using the shift selector lever or the optional rocker switch on the steering wheel – an incredibly quick process. Audi’s new high-tech transmission provides the driver with a dynamic and comfortable sense of shifting with unrivalled precision.

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2. Airbags

Since 1998, all new automobiles have come standard with front airbags, and light trucks have had them since 1999. Even before that, the majority of vehicles had them. When a frontal collision is detected, crash sensors linked to an onboard computer activate the airbags. The bags expand in milliseconds—the blink of an eye—and then rapidly deflate. In most circumstances, a curtain bag will also remain ‘inflated’ for a longer period of time to prevent individuals from being ejected after a rollover or a high-speed side accident. If the system detects that the vehicle is about to roll over, the better head-protection systems deploy the side-curtain bags.

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  1. Anti lock brakes

Before anti-lock brakes, it was all too easy to lock up the wheels (make them stop turning) while braking hard. Sliding front tyres make steering impossible, especially on slippery ground. ABS prevents this by utilising sensors at each wheel and a computer that optimises braking action at each individual wheel to prevent lock-up. ABS enables the driver to keep steering control when stopping, allowing the vehicle to be guided around an impediment if necessary. This is the system that applies the brakes quickly to provide maximum force and control. The trick is to press hard on the pedal while allowing the mechanism to perform its work. With these in hand, traffic problems will reduce ten fold!

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4. Traction control

This electrically regulated system minimises wheel spin during acceleration to ensure maximum traction on the driving wheels. It’s especially handy when starting out in wet or icy weather, or when using a high-horsepower motor. Some traction-coMost traction-control systems utilise the antilock brake system of the vehicle to temporarily stop a spinning wheel. Power is routed to the opposite drive wheel as a result of this. To reduce tyre spin, certain systems may additionally throttle back the engine and upshift the transmission control systems which are only effective at low speeds, whereas others are effective at all speeds.

Buckling your seatbelt is the most crucial thing you can do to protect your life. Safety belts alone can save lives, and many of the more advanced safety technologies, such as forward-collision warning and automatic emergency braking, can help you avoid accidents.

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Audi cars help you fly high, towards the heights of greater speed and great endurance. Use these gears to step up your safety tether and move your car without any second thought!

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