What Are The Useful Things You Have To Do At The Scene Of Car Accident


According to the laws of many countries, it is an offense, if you hit and run from the accident spot. Even if you do not report the accident to the police, you could be penalized heavily. There are many things to be taken care if you are involved in an accident. If you break the law, you might fail to claim the future insurance. Here are some steps to follow regardless of who is at fault.

If anyone is injured, you must remain at the scene till the emergency service or police arrives. If you have damaged the street signs, lamps or bollards, the authorities might ask for details like address, contact number, registration number etc. If you do not wish like sharing the information at the scene, report the accident within 24 hours providing all the necessary information.

What if Anybody is Injured?

If opposite party is injured, you might have to pay for their medical expenses. In such situations, you must show the insurance papers if anybody has reasonable grounds to see them. Even if you do not have the original certificate of insurance, it is important to submit them within 7 days of the accident. It is of no use to report the case on phone. Make sure that no one else other than yourself files the case on your behalf.

If you do not take the above mentioned steps, the police could impose two main offenses-

  • The culprit fail to stop at the scene
  • The culprit does not report the case. Both of these scenarios could lead to heavy penalty or even jail.

If this is your first time, the court might settle the case with the penalty of 5000 bucks and 5-10 points. However, if this is your third or fourth time, the court has right to suspend the driving license permanently. You could click hereto learn more about the heavy penalties imposed by officials and how to avoid them.

It will be beneficial to note down the detailed description of the scene. Photographs will serve as effective evidences. Here are some important details to note-

  • The date, timings, weather condition, location, road markings or signals, traffic conditions etc.
  • The model, make, registration number, condition and color, direction and the estimated speed of the vehicle is important
  • A detailed description of the damage to vehicle
  • Note down the contact details of opposite party and the witnesses

What is the Importance of Informing the Insurance Company?

Many people fail to report to the insurance company. In such situations, they will not get the claim. Even if you are at fault or no one is injured, it is important to provide insurance details. It is not necessary to make the request for insurance details on the same day of accident. You could request the officials on the next day. If you do not follow these rules you will be conducting an offense. There is a reasonable time frame within which the company must be informed. Else it will invalidate your cover.



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