What Paperwork Is Needed to Recycle a Car in Perth?

Recycle a Car

Cash 4 Cars WA offers the following information on paperwork needed when recycling a car. We provide eco-friendly car recycles for old, damaged, scrap and wrecked cars.

When you are getting rid of a car that is at the end of its life, typically, the easiest and most convenient way to get rid of the car is through a car removal company like Cash 4 Cars WA. We provide courtesy removals and instant cash payouts for cars of every make and condition.

Most car removal companies will require the title for the car, its scrap certificate, or its registration. For cars that are ten years or newer, a title will be required. Typically, car removal companies prefer the title for the car because when a title is signed over no other documentation is necessary. When a registration is provided, the company will require a copy of the owner’s licence.

There are other forms of documentation that may be required. For instance, if the car had ever had a lien on it, a lien release letter will be required. If the owner of the car is deceased, a death certificate will be required.

Selling Your Scrap Car in Perth to Cash 4 Cars WA

When selling your car to Cash 4 Cars WA, the process is simple. Our buying system starts with a call or obtaining a quote online from one of our car appraisers. Our car appraisers are knowledgeable and courteous and will provide a quote once the make, model, year, a complete description of your car and its odometer reading are provided. From there, the process gets easier, take a look:

1. Call or complete our online “get a quote” form.

2. Accept or reject our “Cash for Cars” offer. Remember, there is no obligation to accept our quote.

3. If our quote is accepted, you can then schedule a free car removal. Our car removals are quick and convenient and scheduled for times of our customers’ choices.

4. Count your cash.

The process is that simple, and at the time of your scrap car removal in Perth, we will provide our cash offer amount that you obtained over the phone or online. We pay up to $9,999 for any make and condition of a car.

Get our quote by calling us at 0402 126 513.


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