Window Care Tips for Car Detailing

Car Detailing

When you’re detailing your vehicle and want to keep it looking its best, you’ll need to know how to care for the windows. Not only will this improve the overall exterior condition of your car, but the windows also need to be clean and clear so you can see properly while driving. These helpful tips for keeping your windows intact will ensure that you’re satisfied with the way your car or truck looks.

Remember that your windows need to be cleaned regularly and more than dirt and bugs will stick to your windows, especially if you’ve been driving your car for some time. Hard water spots often settle on vehicle windows and tree sap can stick to the glass as well. Even when your windows look clean, you may still notice that there are sparkling glints on the windshield. When you detail your car (it’s best to do this about once a month), be sure to clean the windows on both sides with a high-quality glass cleaner. The right cleaner can clean debris from the glass that is difficult to remove and improves the clarity of the window.

It’s also very important to clean the wiper blades thoroughly as well. Wipers are well known for tearing or becoming worn even with minimal use. Once the wipers are torn, they leave streaks on the windows and the metal strips that hold the wiper blades can damage the windshield. The metal strips can become rigid and create tiny scratches that can’t be removed. This can lead to costly repairs, since you may have to replace the windshield if it has too many scratches. As soon as you notice that your wiper blades are worn or have loose rubber, replace them so you won’t continue to have streaks or small scratches on the windshield.

You can care for your windows when it comes to car detailing by making sure you keep your distant from vehicles in front of you while driving. When drive on urban or rural roads, the tires of the vehicle in front of you are kicking up pieces of gravel and small pebbles; these materials are being tossed backward, to the front of your car. The tiny stones can also chip the paint on the grill and hood of your car and create fine chips on the windshield. If the chips are numerous or severe, the glass on the front of your car needs to be replaced. If there are stone chips in the windshield and don’t require you to purchase a new windshield, you should have the stone chips repaired right away. Large chips can occur when a stone impacts the window, regardless of the size of the stone. If a small portion of glass is smashed out and leaves a crater in the glass, or an air pocket forms in between the layers of glass, the damage can spread and lead to a huge crack or split in the windshield. In most cases, you can visit a glass repair shop to have the chips in the windshield repairs fixed under your insurance policy.

Finally, remember to avoid parking in direct sunlight. There are times when you can’t avoid this, but if you have the option to park in the shade, be sure to do so. Excessive exposure to sunlight will make the glass weaker and more susceptible to chips and cracks.

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