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Honda Motorcycles

Ever since the dreaded Coronavirus reared its venomous head in the last quarter of 2019, people are slowly avoiding public transport and opting for other modes of transportation. Given the fact that motorcycles are the cheapest option, if one does not include bicycles, more and more people are purchasing them. Although there are many brands of motorcycles to choose from, none of them offers the wide and diverse range that Honda offers. Therefore, an increasing number of people are searching online for Honda motorcycle dealers near me. The common factor that binds all these people is the fact that they end up purchasing Honda motorcycles from Motoden, one of the UK’s largest motorcycle dealers. You can purchase Honda motorcycles for less than £2,000 from their online store.

I do not have so much money

You need not worry about down payment options, as you have the option of paying at 4.9% APR (annual percentage rate) over 21 months. Being an owner of a Honda motorcycle is a matter of pride since no other manufacturer offers so many models at such pocket-friendly prices. Visit their online store and be prepared for a pleasant surprise. You will find motorbikes of different cubic capacities (CC), a term that refers to the power of the vehicle. There are motorbikes for off-road use, for adventure, for touring, for sport touring, cruisers, and supersport. Therefore, you can rest assured that you are sure to find a motorbike of your liking at this website, considered by many as the king of motorcycle stores. Let us check out a few of them, along with their functionalities and prices.

Honda CRF50F

At £1,649, it is one of the cheapest models offered by Honda. However, do not let the low price fool you. Its key-operated ignition opens the door to endless excitement and thrills for young and aspiring drivers. It is easy to use and easy to start, and offers fun for the riders. Its low seat height, easy shifting gearbox with automatic clutch, a 49CC engine, an inverted fork make it a cinch to ride. It boasts of a solid and strong build, with racy new graphics and big-bike styling. You are sure to fall in love with it. The OTR price of this motorcycle is £1649. You have to make a deposit of £308.83 and pay the remainder in 24 monthly instalments of £59. The total amount comes to £1717.73. The OTR price of this bike is only £1649.


Although you can find many Honda motorcycle dealers online, all of them pale in comparison to Motoden. Contact Motoden today, and see the fun you have been missing out on. You no longer need to worry about traveling in public transport and involuntarily get infected by the Covid.

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